The UNSW Canberra John Howard Collection represents a nationally significant record of Australia’s recent history.

It comprises more than 10,000 items of personal papers and official records from the early years of John Howard’s political career to his time as Treasurer, Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister, covering the period from 1974 to 2007. See our image library from The Howard Library launch.


The Collection is publicly available for access, by appointment, in the John Howard Reading Room at the UNSW Canberra Academy Library.

All requests must be made via the Special Collections Enquires form.

The Library contains a collection of John Howard’s personal papers and memorabilia (JHL 001) from his time as Prime Minister (March 1996–December 2007), as well as the personal archives of several of Howard’s cabinet.

The manuscript collections can be accessed through Special Collections by searching the Finding Aid Index.


NB: The Doctorate and Masters programs are not currently taking enrolments.


The Howard Government Volumes draws on nearly 12 years of unpublished documents from John Howard’s papers held at UNSW Canberra.

With contributions from John Howard, other politicians, media commentators, key public servants and academics, The Howard Government Volumes will inform future assessments of the Howard Government and its place in Australian history.

Volume 1
Volume 2

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