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Old Parliament House
The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House is a living museum of social and political history, located in a nationally listed heritage building in Parkes, Canberra.


View never before seen artefacts, personal papers, memorabilia and, of course, the famous tracksuit; that illuminate the life and career of John Howard.

A brick extracted from the Wardell Service Station; the garage owned by the Howard family
Track suit
This tracksuit was predominately worn in 2003 on visits to New Zealand and the United Kingdom
Golden handpiece given by Supershear as part of a wool industry presentation at CHOGM, Coolum, Australia, 2002


In March 2014 John Howard announced the transfer of his official papers dating from 1974 from the National Archives of Australia (NAA) to UNSW Canberra.

UNSW Canberra established the Howard Library as an apolitical and non-partisan university initiative that:

  • Hosts the UNSW Canberra Master of Public Leadership & Policy and the Doctor of Public Leadership programs
  • Provides resources to assist researchers, teachers and officials interested in defining the public interest
  • Promotes the study of Australian politics and public leadership focusing on the period 1996 to 2007
  • Hosts conferences and publishes material assessing the Howard Government’s policies and performance.